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Family Court Judge SCRCP Form 4F 12/2011 Judge Code Date FOR CLERK OF COURT OFFICE USE ONLY This judgment was entered on the day of 20 and a copy mailed first class or placed in the appropriate attorney s box on this day of 20 to attorneys of record or to parties when appearing pro se as follows ATTORNEY S FOR THE PLAINTIFF S Court Reporter Custodial Parent if applicable FORM 4F INSTRUCTIONS JUDGMENT IN A FAMILY COURT CASE Instructions for Information Only Not to be filed with Form 4F 1....
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And Jody here with welding tips and tricks' calm today we're doing overhead stick welding and this is tips for a four G plate test so here's here's something that's happened to me before so I want to talk about it a little bit for overhead tests like this I used to I used to do a lot of this this number here I put the rod in there just like that I chuck it up here just like this I get I'd be all propped to nice and good to have my hands all locked in here like this and that things would just be going perfect and then all of a sudden a big ball of fire comes down and lands right in this little and look at all the little nooks and crannies right in there where fire can stick all right big ball of fire comes down here and you're almost to the end of your rod you're son of a gun that's getting hot I make it I can make it I can make it and you make it and then you got a half dollar size blister on your on your knuckle it gets infected and hurts like a mug for the next three months no good no bueno just by changing things up a little bit instead of doing that maybe putting the rod in there like this and holding hold it like this that way that way when the fire comes down it's just going to bounce off and probably won't hit you anyway so that's a tip for you one more thing also is that when you're doing that I've done this before plenty of times even while I was filming this video I did this so this is something to always think about think about where your feet are there's nothing worse than to have that root pass going in just like you want it and all of a sudden you're stepping you're stepping on your lead and you didn't really notice it and you can't feed the rod anymore and then you're and you're out of balance where you can't pick your foot up off your lead and you're just you're just kind of you got that perfect grip going in there and it just screws everything up so pay attention to where your hands are in relation to where the fire is coming pay attention to where your feet are make sure you're not stepping on your lead also it goes without saying you're going to where you're going to want to wear something with leather sleeves designed for overhead welding the first thing I'm going to do is position this piece to the right height that I'm using a stand from triangle engineering I like the I like the actual plate to be just about at the top of my head so just a little bit above of eye level gives me a good line-of-sight on it that's a personal preference some people want it higher some people wanted lower and now I'm going to take a few dry runs here like I always try to do make sure I'm not standing on my lead again you can see I've got just a little bit of a drag angle going straight up and down 90 degrees works pretty well too and just like with vertical welding when you think you're straight up and down you'll probably have a little slight drag angle and that'll be fine this is what I talked about earlier about not having my hands...